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  • Zadavatel: MANPOWER, s.r.o.
  • Odpovědná osoba: Michaela Kotýnková
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Leadership is not a service, it’s a skill. If you are an IT professional working as a software developer for a couple of years and having experience with leading a team of software engineers, then this excellent opportunity is waiting right here for you.
Become a Tech Leader with us - for a great team of independent developers working on several interesting projects from the financial business sector.
Today, our products and platforms are used by hundreds of consulting firms from individuals to large networking companies.

Essential skill set:
* Our main tech stack: development tool (Visual Studio and many other environments), Git, Microsoft/Windows, Linux, Azure, JIRA, Confluence
* + 3 years experience in the field (experience with leading a team)
* In technical skills: C # (.NET Core), OOP principles, ASP-NET, .NET Core, Web API C #, MS SQL, at least some understanding of HTML, JavaScript, CSS
* Principles of SOA, Microservices - experience with building an international big enterprise applications
* Czech/Slovak speaker + English B1/B2 level
* experience in the financial business sector development


Our offer includes:
* excellent payment conditions + possibility to work on fulltime agreement or business license
* flexible working hours, self-organization of work
* self-realization in management and supervision skills
* meal vouchers, sick days, Flexi pass, language courses, home office,..
* training, IT conferences,...
* advantageous telephone tariff also for family members

Pracovní náplň

Being a tech lead is not about commanding, it’s about taking everyone together for achieving success.
Besides, the essential tasks are:
* Management responsibility, leading and supervising the team of 8 senior IT members
* Definition and responsibility for creating the software architecture of a company that supports the business requirements
* Cooperation:

helping the developer team bridge the application development challenges
you will lead the team, but also participate in the development of codes
participation in code development (conducting regular and continuous code review) in order to
keeping awareness of problems and limiting development
introducing new development techniques to the team
your major focus will be in backend development, but you should be skilled in frontend as well (at least JS understanding)
implementation of new development processes into the team
planning of the work team together with the IT project manager (cleaning, backlog, the disintegration of bags)

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MANPOWER, s.r.o.

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