Machine learning Engineer wanted - wide scope and new project Praha

  • Místo pracoviště: Praha
  • Zadavatel: mBlue Czech, s.r.o.
  • Odpovědná osoba: Jindra Hůlová
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We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer who is really interested in this area.

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer who is really interested in this area. We are introducing you the opportunity with a wide scope and what is the best - really early stage of the project - so your direct impact will be really significant. The choice of areas and technologies to fit your skills and interests - this is the opportunity which comes just once in a life :)
Our client is a global company in the area of renewable energy. The company is building the next generation systems - energy systems powered by intelligent transactive markets, ubiquitous sensors, intensive analytics services.

What is the opportunity about?
   •  You could contribute to our project from a wide variety of areas:
   •  Time series analysis and predictive models - generation forecasting, load forecasting, energy market price forecasting, analysis of sensor data across the whole energy value chain
   •  Analytics services for virtual power plant/demand-side management platform
   •  Anomaly detection and predictive maintenance for various assets in the energy grid
   •  Development of automated energy trading agent intelligence - forecasts, trading strategies, backtests)
   •  Development of energy-efficiency services based on data analytics
   •  Cooperation with SW Engineers, energy experts, economists, product managers

You would be responsible for:
   •   Data cleaning, exploratory analysis, visualization
   •   Feature engineering, model building, training, evaluation
   •   Machine learning applications - your product
   •   You would be involved in the data-backend - stream processing and storage
   •   Proposing and testing new hypotheses for potential services
   •   Keeping up-to-date with development in machine learning and energy sector

What you should know:
Data Science SW stack:
   •   Python - numpy/scipy/matplotlib/sklearn/pandas/…
   •   Deep learning - Tensorflow, Keras
   •   Overview of machine learning and statistics

SW engineering skills
   •   Linux, shell scripting, version control
   •   Development of analytics - based on REST API services
   •   Experience with cloud-providers - AWS, MS Azure, Google
   •   SQL and NoSQL databases usage

Nice to have (not necessary) would be if you have an experience with…
   •   Docker, Kubernetes
   •   Time series databases
   •   Practical experience with reinforcement learning (even advanced process control or trading - any area - commodities, crypto, equities)
   •   Hadoop streaming-stack (Kafka, Spark/Flink)

What you can look for?
   •  small team
   •  international environment
   •  new project and a wide scope of the opportunity for you.

So, isn´t it exciting? Willing to take part in this project? Let´s know about yourselves. Please send us your CV. Looking forward.

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mBlue Czech, s.r.o.

Odpovědná osoba: Jindra Hůlová Telefon: (+420) 778 716 220 Web:

Bucharova 14/2641
158 00 Praha 5 - Jinonice

mBlue Czech, s.r.o.

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