Support Accounting Manager (Distributions Group) Praha

  • Místo pracoviště: Praha
  • Zadavatel: mBlue Czech, s.r.o.
  • Odpovědná osoba: Kateřina Ostrýžová
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Pracovní nabídka

This is a key supporting role for European trading partners. Your responsibility will be the accounting area, its accuracy and transparency towards group standards.

What is from you expected:
   •  Checking general accounting accurate for entities in the group
   •  Performing and reporting financial statements review
   •  Supporting price transferring and financial reporting processes
   •  Close cooperation with an internal Risk department, incl. auditing
   •  Key support for European Business Partners

What experience are mandatory:
   •  Experience with the multinational environment (accounting related roles)
   •  Finance and accounting experience (FP&A, Internal controlling)
   •  University degree (economics, accounting/finance field)
   •  Fluent English
   •  Willingness to travel

   •  Responsible and meaningful work
   •  The possibility of self-realization and professional development in a multinational Group
   •  Long-term perspective at the excellent position of the group on the Czech and European market
   •  Corporate benefits, motivating salary evaluation
   •  Communication with key group managers

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Kontakt - zadavatel pozice

mBlue Czech, s.r.o.

Odpovědná osoba: Kateřina Ostrýžová Telefon: (+420)736 787 772 Web:

Bucharova 14/2641
158 00 Praha 5 - Jinonice

mBlue Czech, s.r.o.
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mBlue Czech, s.r.o.
mBlue Czech, s.r.o.
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