Short-term recruitment advertising of the DobráPrá portal

Effective job advertising for a great price


Great prize for publishing an ad
40.77 EUR / 30 days
+ quantity discount up to 43 %
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You will get many good candidates

Every day, over 18 000 of applicants visit us

We will send 50 000 e-mails with new offers daily
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Advertise in 5 minutes
(in the case of a card payment or an online transfer)

Easy-to-use administration with a recruiting system

You can simply post the ad in just a few minutes
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Other reasons to choose your personal advertising on

  1. Great ad price - 40.77 EUR / 30 days
  2. You will get many good candidates
  3. Most candidates will add a structured CV to the answer
  4. We will distribute your newly posted ad to suitable applicants by e-mail
  5. Advertise only when you need it
  6. Suitable for small businesses and business owners who are hiring employees impressively
  7. Easy-to-use administration

Why advertise on DobráPrá

  1. The most cost-effective portal in terms of ad publication
  2. Every day the portal visits over% of job candidates
  3. Over 14 years in the personal advertising market°
  4. Ability to choose from more than% with current CVs
  5. Your ads can be published on many of partner portals
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"Možnost vyhledávání vhodných kandidátů pro naše klienty na využívám už od vzniku tohoto serveru. Odezva na inzerci je velice kvalitní. Server je uživatelsky vstřícný a podmínky spolupráce jsou dobré i pro menší regionální personální agentury."

PhDr. Zdeňka Honzů

Pricelist of short-term advertising

Cena za 1 kredit
Total VAT not included
100 credits - 1 advertisement for 20 days
0,32 EUR
32 EUR
151 credits - 1 advertisement for 30 days
0,27 EUR
15 %
40,77 EUR
501 credits - 1 or more advertisements
+ daily update + cv database + Top
0,2 EUR
37 %
100,2 EUR
1001 credits - more ads or regular advertising
+ daily update + cv database + Top
0,17 EUR
46 %
170,17 EUR
100 credits - custom package (min. 100 credits)
Use 100 credits you will get for example :
Basic advertisement for 8 days or 2 inzeráty for 4 days
or 20 unlocked CV´s from database
or other possible combinations

Prices do not include VAT

Do you know that credits can be arbitrarily split between multiple ads? You can advertise multiple positions at once, but in a shorter time period.
You can pause the ad anytime and use the remaining credits next time.
For each package, you can also use additional services such as Auto Update, Top (highlighting) and CV database.

Do not know which package to choose? Or do you want to create specific advertising?

Do not hesitate to call +420 777 441 701 or write to . We will be glad to help you.


Additional services pricelist

Additional services use extra credit and can be used for each package.

Consumption of credits
Daily automatic update
Automatic update will every day move your ad to the first place among the new ones
+2 credits / day
More than 2 categories
Surcharge for more than 2 specialization per ad, the maximum number of specialization per ad is 5
+1 credit / specialization / day
Advertise on asocciated portals
Your ad will appear on other portals -, and more
od 1 credit / portal / day
CV database
Unlocking contact details in the CV from the Candidate Database at DobráPrá
+5 credits / cv
Top in specialization
The ad appears between the Tops at the top of the page
+11 kreditů / den
Manuální a dělnické profese
+11 kreditů / den
+11 kreditů / den
+11 kreditů / den
Výroba, průmysl, energetika
+11 kreditů / den
Bankovnictví a finance
+9 kreditů / den
+9 kreditů / den
Logistika a doprava
+9 kreditů / den
Technické profese
+9 kreditů / den
+7 kreditů / den
+7 kreditů / den
Elektrotechnické profese
+7 kreditů / den
Kvalita a kontrola jakosti
+7 kreditů / den
+7 kreditů / den
+7 kreditů / den
+7 kreditů / den
+7 kreditů / den
Gastronomie a pohostinství
+5 kreditů / den
Informační technologie
+5 kreditů / den
Marketing a media
+5 kreditů / den
+5 kreditů / den
Ostraha a bezpečnost
+5 kreditů / den
+5 kreditů / den
+5 kreditů / den
Řemeslo a umění
+5 kreditů / den
Zdravotnictví a farmacie
+5 kreditů / den
Chemie a potravinářství
+3 kredity / den
Cestovní ruch
+3 kredity / den
Personalistika a HR
+3 kredity / den
Právní služby
+3 kredity / den
Státní správa
+3 kredity / den
Vzdělávání, věda, vývoj
+3 kredity / den
Zemědělství, lesnictví, ekologie
+3 kredity / den

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